Tuesday, March 25, 2014

cheap hotel in Kathmandu

If you are looking for cheap/budget hotel in Kathandu and even at the center of the tourism area (Thamel), Hotel Horizon will be in your best choice. We, Hotel Horizon offers comfortable and affordable well furnished guest rooms, specially designed panoramic rooftops from where guests can have a 360 degree view of the city within a wink of an eye. Rated, one of the best for its peaceful soothing location amidst a bustling city giving you a satisfying walk upon entering the pillars carved with wood of the finest quality. Captivating attention and inviting you to embark your belongings and quickly get a cozy rest immediately. Hotel Horizon offers comfortable and affordable rooms to provide you with a quality stay of your choice be it a long stay or an overnight stay it all comes at a phenomenally low budget price. At Horizon you have all the facilities you would associate with international hotel at a fraction of a price.

Whenever you think of a holiday or traveling or making a trip to one of the low priced qualitative destination then why wait? Fly instantly to Horizon Nepal with no second thought in your mind, as you will be making a calculated and a wise decision of your historic journey to a place with the people iconic and foresighted particularly serving you one of the everlasting best in the business making you feel homely away from home without smallest of a doubt.

We, Hotel Horizon have the Standard and Deluxe rooms in single bed, double as well as triple bed. We also provide the special discounts in Off-Season. Get in to Hotel Horizon, the most affordable hotel in center of Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.